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Cutting up is like acting up or acting a fool.
(Kids yelling and screaming while in church) Damn those kids are cutting up!
#cuttin up #cutting up #cutting #cuttin #cuttingup
by Deni January 14, 2006
(verb) To mess up. To slip up. To fail to meet an expectation.
To "screw up"
Example 1:
-Person 1: John Claude has been spending less time with his girlfriend and more time playing PS3. Now, she's talking to other guys.
-Person 2: Damn...he's cutting up
Example 2:
-Person 3: I stopped showing up to class and my grade dropped to a B.
-Person 4: You're cutting up. That class is an easy A.
#fuck up #screw up #fail #mistake #cuttin' up
by John Claude di Ronaldi March 24, 2012
When someones breath stink bad
"dude yo breath is cutting up !"
#breath #stank #threw #doodoohead #shitty
by Jade Mccrary October 03, 2009
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