A person- but usually linked to females- that is naturally brunette but is blonde on the inside. Just as a Crunchy chocolate bar is brown on the outside but a golden yellow on the inside.
The scene: two girls (both brunette) are sitting against the outside wall of the toilet block, one crying.

"Oh my god Karren, did you just walk into the male toilets again?! You are SUCH a crunchy!"

The scene: two 17 year old boys walking on the feild at school, staring at a particular brunette girl who has just walked into the male toilets

"Damn that girl is a crunchy! If only she had big boobs.."
by Blondie:) October 10, 2006
Top Definition
Adjective. Used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc.

Also used to describe establishments where alternative foods and products are sold, i.e. natural food stores.

Modified derivative of granola.
"I need more crunchy guys in my life. I'm so tired of dating preppy metrosexual assholes."

"I'm heading out to the crunchy store to pick up some fair trade chocolate and tea tree oil, do you need anything?"
by EBC June 14, 2007
quasi/modern day hippie; tends to wear no shoes, spends much of time finding way out of woods after smoking excessive amounts of weed, preferred fragrance = patchouli
does it smell like feet in here? oh yeah, i forgot it's that crunchy kid having found his way out of the forest.
by nycbella December 15, 2003
The characteristics of a neo hippy.
Dude, Jane stopped showering and she's not wearing shoes. I think she went all crunchy on our asses.
by Nina July 28, 2003
The feeling one gets when they do something extremely stupid or embarrassing, like tripping in public.
-guy trips- "Damn man! Don't you feel Crunchy!"
by DanielDisastrous March 11, 2009
an alternate term for the word "hippie."
a left leaning individual with communist tendencies.
Those damn linux-loving crunchies are bashing Microsoft again
by b-diddy June 21, 2003
Infantrymen, engineers, clerks, and just about everyone else who doesn't ride in a tank. So named for the sound they make when they get their sorry selves run over.
Man, I'm telling you, if those damn crunchies don't get out of the way, I'm going to take the treads to every last one of them!
by Cat-Kill January 19, 2008
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