Term showing a liking toward an event or object.
Jason laid down a crunchy groove on guitar hero.
by k- tac August 05, 2007
it means terrible.
man2: thats so crunchy!

lady1: that girls outfit is not very attractive.
lady2: yah so crunchy.
by tartycar February 07, 2009
of high quality; excellent
I think Kim is gorgeous and nice. Crunchy for sure!
by wescoe23 July 10, 2008
A term used to describe the overly moussed, crispy hair of a chola or chula.
Did you see Maria Conchita's hair? Girl, it is so crunchy that it looks like she dipped it in some fabric stiffener!
by chicago's smartest May 17, 2007
noun: crack
Hey.. rolled that blount up.. don't put no crunchy on top
by oldschoolpimpage March 31, 2009
keeping one's cool in the most trying of times. Etymology: cap'n crunch, the cereal which stays crunchy in milk; it keeps shit mad real. hence, when an individual does not life to get the best of him/her, that person is staying crunchy.
"how you doin today?"
"stayin' crunchy."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007
lightheaded,feeling the aftermath of
I am feeling crunchy today after dropping
E last night.
by Maston October 07, 2004

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