Nickname used by tankers for infantry soldiers. Refers to the noise they make when the tank runs 'em over.
Don't steer tool close to that wall. Some crunchies are nearby.
by t26e4 March 12, 2014
Bruxism, or severe grinding of the jaw when under the influence of MDMA.
Matt: "How you feelin? You rollin'?
Chelsea: "Yeahhh...I have the crunchies bad!"
by Ekstasis March 06, 2010
What stupid people call smart people.
What those crunchies don't understand is that America is the ruler of the free world, and if you don't love it you'd better get out of town.
by Ashibaka June 27, 2003
A feeling of being a bit overstimulated, a bit fried, a bit edgy, a bit hypertensive, and generally not content in one's body - usually used in references to the effect of a drug.. While feeling crunchy, one's experience of prana or chi is unfavorable. Feeling crunchy is the opposite of the energetically fluid and yummy body high that most prefer.
Man the first 3 hours of that 150mg dose of pure MDA was awesome, but then I felt pretty crunchy as it wore off..
by BringYourOwnBIOS January 04, 2012
Used to describe something fun and awesome.
the comedy show last night was SO crunchy!
by VeronicaLove December 17, 2010
The expression said when notes or chords are sung or played and they sound really dissonant.
Really awesome chord is sung by a choir
Girl: "Crunchy!"
by Sopranoalto December 15, 2010
When there is one more hit in a bowl of marijuana.
Friend one: Hey brah! Lets smoke a bowl!
Friend two: Hell yeah! Let burn it down!
Friend one: Damn man, I don't know if there is another hit.
Friend two: Well push it down and see if it's still "crunchy"
by Architorcher September 06, 2010

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