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Similar to the munchies, the crunchies are a specific craving for crunchy snacks such as potato chips, tortilla chips and corn nuts. Usually brought on by THC consumption.
Pete blazed up and before he knew it he had a the crunchies big time. As there were no chips in the house he had to settle for a bag of croutons.
by winchun April 29, 2010
Girls with crunchy hair usually styled with gel and gallons of hair spray to make the shape of curls who whore it up at parties.
Nikki- ah fuck the crunchies are here.
Tracey- who invited them?
Nikki-Crunchies are gonna go wild giving bj's when everyone leaves.
by charlyrogers January 24, 2010
Embarrassed. Ashamed. Flustered
Man I was feeling crunchy as shit!
by Mica99rx November 30, 2013
Crack induced munchies
I just shot up and now i have the Crunchies real bad
by kylebar7 September 28, 2010
in foot massage and/or reflexology... slang term for lumps, bumps etc. the therapist usually finds in a client's feet... usually calcium and mineral deposits.
Wow, I was working with Carlisle's feet the other day and he had mega crunchies! He really needs regular massages!
by pegVA May 17, 2007
Nickname used by tankers for infantry soldiers. Refers to the noise they make when the tank runs 'em over.
Don't steer tool close to that wall. Some crunchies are nearby.
by t26e4 March 12, 2014
Adjective: An alternative definition to the general understanding of the term. Anyone who has done an excess amount of cocaine resulting in their feeling like an old crunchy paper bag. Usually at a music festival. For elaboration see "potato chip"
"Hey man want to go check out the next band?"
"I don't know dude I'm feeling kind of....crunchy. I think I did too much blow."
by Kneegrodamus October 16, 2013