Hypothetical device they have at the post office to mangle your mail with.
Man! They must have sent this through the cruncher like twice!
by Secret Agent Man September 17, 2003
Top Definition
n.- an object that has been crumbled or crunched up into little pieces
v.- the act of crumbling or crunching something up into little pieces.
adj.- used to describe something that has been crumbled or crunched up into little pieces.
v.- the act of kicking somebody's ass because they did something stupid.
1. God damnit Mikey, ever since you threw those Oreos everywhere there are little crunchers all over the place.
2. If you don't pick up those Oreos right now I'm gonna cruncher your ass.
3. God damnit Mikey, those Cheese-its you put in my pillow case are all cruncher now.
by Dustin Bieber Fan August 31, 2010
An enthusiast and volunteer participating in one or more large public distributed computing projects (eg SETI@home).
"The stats show that DataMuncher501 is no longer an active cruncher"
by MonteZuma September 16, 2006
Short for "granola cruncher"
Chris: Why is Jan buying a used Civic instead of a new Prius?
Jo: Because she's a pragmatist, not a cruncher.
by Jeff-Fu October 08, 2009
crunchers are a mans balls
a ball flew straight into joe's crunchers
by lukeboi July 04, 2006
Name camp counselors have for young campers, owing to their inability to walk through the woods quietly, used disparagingly to indicate their overall cluelessness.
Listen up, crunchers! Today we're going to learn how to tie knots and sneak up on unsuspecting dupes from Camp Wassamatta from across the lake.
by Conan the Grammarian March 10, 2009
To take a shit.
I had just enough toilet paper left for my midnight cruncher.
by ghost July 31, 2003
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