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Brandon Lee is God. Greatest movie in the world. Erik Draven's wife gets killed, and he seeks revenge upon all who have killed her. Also looks after his friend, who misses him dearly.
"True love never dies"
"It can't rain all the time"
The Crow is the best movie EVER!
by XxPoisonBeautyxX January 30, 2004
Usk is a word used to show frusteration. Instead of sighing, or yelling, it follows the end of a sentence.
Where's my taco... USK!
by XxPoisonBeautyxX January 29, 2004
I -Love- You.
But not quite, usually said to someone you like, but not quite want to have sex with.
Boy - I'm sad.
Girl - NOO DON'T BE! ^ . ^ I heart you.
by XxPoisonBeautyxX January 29, 2004
Growl, Takes the place of silence, or a -sigh-.
Uhh, I'm so bored.... ROAR!
by XxPoisonBeautyxX January 29, 2004

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