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-To be stabbed in the back

-When a friend says he/she will do something with you but bails on you at the last mintue, leaving you alone.
"Henry, I got crowed early by steve"
by scrowed April 12, 2015
A man is from doing a girl from behind, she then flaps her arms and makes a sound of a crow ( caw caw, caw caw ).
Have you ever been crowed?
by F.Lap August 06, 2010
Using a word that doesn’t exist or with the wrong definition in an attempt to sound hip.
Ex: “These dirty phones are BOGUED OUT.” Instead of saying: “These dirty phones are NASTY.”
by DC December 27, 2004
To throw a fake punch at someone and scape a persons nose then getting blamed for punching them.
Guy 1: Did you hear what happened to her last night?
Guy 2: Yeah he totally JCrowed her!
by hahahaha MK September 30, 2010
A woman who tears off and hides the genitals of the opposite sex to never be seen again in hopes to become as strong as a crow.
" Did you hear how Penny crowed that poor tommy boy down the street"
by Skywop September 12, 2014
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