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1)The noise produced by a chicken
2)A phrase expressing greeting, goodbye, and many other random uses any word could be used.
3)A noise produced in form of a race to see which individual can hit the bong first.
Chicken go bawk bawk cow go moo!, chicken go bawk bawk, how bout you?
by BawkBawkMoo April 30, 2003
a blunt abbreviation for 'bare awkward'. used by people from north west london who like to think they're from peckham
"mate...last night i vommed all over the dinner table at this black tie event"

"bro...that is bawk"
by number1asiangangsta January 24, 2012
Bawks came from northern russia, where they refer to Jews..who are rich.

Bawks are rich Jews
Woah...Those are a lot of Bawks
by lalalal1234 September 06, 2010
Bawk, pronounced like fork but with a b:

1) Defined as; to throw or pass something.

2) to vomit (throw up)
1) "come get your pen" . "just Bawk it to me:

2) Im about to Bawk, or Im so insainly drunk im going to be Bawking all day tomorrow.
by Eddie Mcfigglestein September 01, 2010
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