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(crot-SHAY) a large piercing in the genitalia with a crochet hook. Crotch, of course, refers to the area of the genitalia, and a crochet hook is used to turn yarn into fabric. It is similar to a knitting needle but may be larger and will have tortuous hooks on one or both ends.
A local craft shop saw a mysterious rise in the number of crochet hooks sold. All was explained when the craft shop owner visited the local body piercing studio and saw an artisan crotchet the young ladies labia.
by pornhorn50 January 18, 2010
36 3
1. Verb To knit, a style of knitting.
"Mary crocheted my sweater."

2. The combination of crotch and rocket
1. "Mary crocheted my sweater."

2. "Oh my god! Look at that guys huge crotchet! That thing could blast a hole through my bedroom wall!"
by Shadow Link (Tyler) May 26, 2005
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