A slang or affectionate term for a female friend.
e.g. Wussup crotch

e.g. Hooker

e.g. Bee-yoch
by persian delite July 11, 2008
Basically a big pussy, or known as a male-bitch. Tendency to have a really gay time with a "crotch" person.
Ya i know, john is a big faggot crotch bitch
by Sam9800 February 26, 2007
To smash someone in the groin, especially a male and especially with a blunt object.
Ouch, Bertuzzi just crotched MacInnis!
Synonym for 'cool', except less socially acceptable. Origins unknown.
I am undoubtedly the crotchest person around.
by Sara November 16, 2004

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