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Where men congregate at a bar or club. The “cool guy” corner.
Look at all of those Chipsters and Chads hanging in the crotch of the Sports Corner Grill after the Cubs game!
by Blond Amazon June 18, 2007
A Northumbria University RAG team gesture as described bellow...

The idea of a crotch is quite simple- it merely involves the thrusting of the crotchal region into someone else while yelling "CROTCH!"

This may be performed at any time, place or occasion. Whether it is due to an innate desire to flirt or say hello, let someone feel your genetalia or merely an expression of goodwill, this craze is here to stay.
(Team 3 Leader creeps up behind team 3 member...creeping is optional but not necessary)


Team 3 member responds...

"awww what..."
by rockvj April 12, 2007
A combination of the words crotch and cotch. It can be used to imply either crotch or cotch, as in genitals or to relax or recline with friends.
Dude: Hey Guy, lets can we c(r)otch here?

Guy: Good idea Dude, I was getting tired.

Ben: Yeah, my c(r)otch was starting to chafe due to all the walking.
by Bloodyscenekids April 17, 2009
To crotch is to hide contraband, usually drug related, in a prison inmate's vagina. Past tense is crotched. British prison slang.
I'm gunna crotch my jellies and some H before they search me at intake, maybe they won't find it this time, yeah?
by Tribade June 28, 2008
(v. to crotch, p.p. crotched). The spiteful act of placing your bare genitals (male, female, or misc.) upon an inanimate object owned and used by an offending party. Also see Ass.
I am going to crotch Bob's stapler, hard.
by The Mad Haberdasher April 20, 2005
The under carriage of a person
The girl was a looker until i spied her black headded crotch piece
by MW May 08, 2003
A slang or affectionate term for a female friend.
e.g. Wussup crotch

e.g. Hooker

e.g. Bee-yoch
by persian delite July 11, 2008