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The act of stashing drugs or other illegal paraphernalia in one's undergarments. First used in April 2009 by ACLU lawyer Adam Wolf arguing to the Supreme Court against strip searches in public schools.
Mr. Wolf said a strip search may be appropriate if the school has evidence that a student makes a habit of “crotching” drugs. (from the NY Times 21 April 2009)
by ep42 April 23, 2009
Having your eyes drawn to someones crotch - can be voluntary or involuntary action
Ken caught me crotching him!
by Motherhen33 June 17, 2010
A term used in lieu of masturbation.
"I herd Laura crotching herself in the bathroom just now. The sounds she made were other worldly."
by R. Cahill May 03, 2008
The act of groping one's own crotch while watching someones significant other in admiration.
Hey dude do you mind not crotching my wife right in front of me!
by heddcase June 18, 2011
A slang word for telling a friend you had/have an erection without drawing the attention of the surrounding public
"Hey bro, what you been up to?"

"Just crotching out in maths, this girl was peng!"
by Crotchington November 10, 2008
Abbreviation of crotch watching; the act of watching peoples crotches

Eg. Hey suzie lets go crotching.
Hey man I did some really good crotching the other day down by the level, fancy some crotching tonight yeah?
by Dannygogo February 02, 2016
It's sorta like spooning except better. It's crucial that your crotches are touching to ensure the wrath of the awkward boner.
"Bae, we should totally crotch."

"To crotch"
"Crotchet" -feminine

Crotching is the act of sticking ones crotch against a magnificently sculpted ass.
by Mattimus Maximus December 20, 2015

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