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Someone who posts pictures online showing only themselves in a group picture; Cropping the picture.
Check out her default picture she's such a cropper
by Julio Vinicio Gonzalez April 14, 2008
23 11
"Cropper (n.) Latin Origin - A girl that crops herself out of a picture that was taken with other girls because she is vein; leaving the persons shoulder next to them revealing an obvious croppage"
"Did you see her default myspace picture??...wow dude...chick is a total cropper"

"Someone should confront her about her croppery, maybe hold an intervention.."

"Oh! Heres a nice shoulder...let me take a picture with it!"
by Depo21 October 23, 2008
4 7
when you try to say correct as well as proper at the same time
you assembled the bike in a cropper manner
by Lingwendil April 28, 2004
9 22