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5 definitions by christian luyando

your conglomerate is your hustle:what you do to make money.
Just respect my conglomerate
by christian luyando February 11, 2009
437 51
super wealthy.
that guy has so much money that it is senseless,he is stupid rich.
by christian luyando December 31, 2008
25 8
a girl who has had a shit load of procedures done to her body and,or face to make her look better for example: laser hair removal,bikini line done by laser, and, or plastic surgery.
that girl is so fine, she damn near perfect, she's what you would call laser pussy.
by christian luyando February 14, 2009
16 2
a slutty girl.
that girl will fuck anything with a dick which makes her a scut.it can also be used with the additive "bucket" meaning to the max.you worthless bitch you aint nothing but a scut bucket.
by christian luyando December 31, 2008
46 36
jerking off while taking a shower
lil ronnie looked a whole lot better once he took a power shower
by christian luyando July 12, 2009
31 59