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Almost like 'whatever floats your boat', albeit different.
"I like to eat bananas at the noontime." said wingaling webster."whatever sizzles your bacon." said blueskin bernie.
by Lingwendil June 07, 2004
where something is both awesome and awful at the same time
breaking your leg while doing a sick move in skateboarding could be considered awefsome
by Lingwendil April 28, 2004
coined by amber lineweaver in 2004, meaning legitamately discriminate
not letting that kid in our group because of his abnoxiousness is a legiminate reason
by Lingwendil April 28, 2004
when you try to say correct as well as proper at the same time
you assembled the bike in a cropper manner
by Lingwendil April 28, 2004
an utteration of contempt, often replacing many four-letter words often associated with anger.
ex. my fishtank is leaking? Carra!!!
by Lingwendil April 28, 2004

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