Shoes for people with no taste. They look dorky as hell and are insanely overpriced for the simple fact they are merely molded plastic. The funny thing is nobody would touch these hideous things when they were 5 dollars and sold at hardware stores for gardeners. Once they became insanely over rpiced and were worn by celebs with no taste they sell like hotcakes
Crocs are shoes for people with no taste
by DennisIsEvil September 06, 2009
the gayest shoes someone could wear and try and tell people that they dont look like a fag aka mikey pants.
"Dude these crocs are awesome. Come on there sick!"
"you look like friggen spiderman"
by love to shit on everyone July 17, 2008
Quite possibly the easiest form of birth control.

Though sources confirm these are also a fetish item for those into food service and gardening.
Children would have ruined my career right now, Thanks for the crocs!

Nothing but crocs and a smile will do, thank you.
by biscuitbaby August 04, 2010
The universal symbol of a man who has given up hope.
Aladeen: What's wrong with Crocs?
Nuclear Nadal: They are the universal symbol of a man who has given up hope!
by darktea October 24, 2012
An exceptionally thick mustache on a woman.
- Hey look at the massive facial hair on that girl's upper lip!
- Yeah that's like the biggest croc I've ever seen.
by K.K. Slider August 05, 2011
A relatively underrated Playstation game that came out around the same time as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and so on. In the game, you run around as a little crocodile dude, trying to save the Gobbos (little fuzzballs) that raised you since you washed up on their island's shore.

It's your basic platformer, with an oversimplified plot.
Jessica: Hey, I heard you had Croc!
Kurt: Yeah! I haven't played that game in ages!
Danielle: Croc?
Kurt: It came out about the time that Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro came out. It's similar to them, only a whole lot simpler.
Jessica: And the graphics are really cute!
Danielle: Alright, let's try this game out...
by The_Exuberant_Face October 06, 2010
uglyest shoes around. they maybe be comfy but you still look like a homo. aka mikey pants
"dudee these crocs are so sick come on you gotta get a pair"
"check out the design you look like friggen spiderman!"
by crocs suck July 17, 2008

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