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2 definitions by biscuitbaby

Quite possibly the easiest form of birth control.

Though sources confirm these are also a fetish item for those into food service and gardening.
Children would have ruined my career right now, Thanks for the crocs!

Nothing but crocs and a smile will do, thank you.
by biscuitbaby August 04, 2010
noun. Staying inside, primarily in one bed or room (acting like a nest or cage) doing little more than sleeping, curling up, eating or nibbling things like trail mix, sex-ing....and then repeating the whole process over and over for day(s) at a time like domestic hamsters....who's lifestyle this replicates minus the sawdust and wall mounted water bottle.

-ing (as a verb) ... to hamster.
Tired, a bit stressed and ready to hide, Magnolia was happy to grab more snacks and go hamster with her favorite boy all weekend.

Sorry I missed your calls, I was hamstering all last week and unplugged all technology.
by biscuitbaby August 29, 2010