Fresh, cool. The shit, sick. Awesome.
Dang girl, those kicks are crispy!
by Femalefuckingjesus April 26, 2013
bencarothers, gingers, good-looking, hott
"ur so crispy"
by socrispy1 December 08, 2008
Another word for cool
Man that guy is crispy hanging out with those kids.
by jimb0j1290 October 24, 2008
Something creepy or sketchy that happens when you are high.
That was so crispy when we saw those cops turn their lights on when we tried to hit the bowl.
by Budd Smoker February 10, 2009
A word used by douchebags to describe something that has nothing to do with actually crisping or deep frying food.
Check out this bud dude, its crispy as fuck.
by crispygraves08 October 10, 2009
A response to the greeting "how's the waffle cooked", meaning everything is going well.
"Hey man, how's the waffle cooked?"

"Crispy, dude."
by G T Ripper November 13, 2008
Something very unexpected that happens, or something very weird. Primarily while high on marijuana.
That was so crispy when we saw those police when I wanted to light the bowl.
by Kraig Krakerz October 02, 2008
new yorks word to describe your hair cut, hair do,your way of style, your sneakers or shirt
1.yo those are some crispy ass braids on that nigga. 2. yo steve harveys shape up madd crispy. 3. yo loon got a crisy ass goatee. 4. yo that niggas p. diddy is a cripy ass niggs. 5. yo i new to get me a pair of crispy ass air force ones and a crispy ass white tee
by rudy February 04, 2005

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