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Adj;1. to have sound fundamental skills
2. to have good basketball handling skills
" Yo mang, tha' foo's crispy with the rock"
by LeRoy January 23, 2004
adj. To be vibrant and lively, esp. for describing the elderly as such.
Virgil, an amazing 86 years old, is still working for my dad, and his mind is as clear as ever
by HappyHenry35 March 12, 2003
on the verge of being shit-faced
you: hows it going?
me: im a bit crispy.
by h. shipman March 31, 2004
stupid/dumb.....(briney spears)
"luis,the first time i told you i loved you, i felt so crispy"
by krystal March 04, 2004
A completely and utterly worthless person. Someone who needs to not even be allowed to live, and should go and hide in a corner and drink some bleach. This is the type of person who likes to have oral sex with every man they see.
Oh man, that was a great time I had with Crispy last night.
by Someone who January 07, 2006
A deragatory term for a "christian."
Don't answer the door, it's just a crispy trying to sell their bible magazines.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
a dry ass person trying to be recognized
your so crispy
by Anonymous July 13, 2003