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To feel crispy is to feel that feeling when you know you have fucked up or otherwise embarassed yourself. It is not embarassment because it does not have to be something that others would find embarassing. Crispiness is someting only you can feel. You cannot say that someone who has fucked up is feeling crispy unless he tells you that he feels crispy. This definition may only be relevant in Douglasville. Also has nothing to do with dubstep remixes. That would be Chrispy.
*Drops a plate of food.*
"Ahh, I'm feeling a little crispy."

*Makes a 45 on a test.*
"Ahh, I'm feeling pretty crispy."
by ImpellerWedge October 30, 2011
neat,clean,trim,fashionable,with it,very good-looking.
After he left barbershop his hair was crispy.
by for meto know June 06, 2005
To be hot.. one of a kind... confidant about yourself ..sexy..

Many use this word, but few have yet to grasp the true meaning, the true essence behind it. Someone can have a crispy personality, a crispy attitude, a crispy style. Crispy is about being happy about how you look, how you dress, how you act, how you think. Alot of woman carry the "crispy" attitude into clubs.
"oh sara you're so fucking crispy tonight"
by Crispy Crisp. March 14, 2007
To have a light high after smoking marijuana. Either from smoking a small amount, or while coming down from smoking a lot.
"I'm not really high, just crispy."

"Nah bro I'm not burnt...I'm crispy."
by Soulger11 December 13, 2007
someone who is very dark, like they are burnt. like a burnt piece of toast, they are crispy.
Tyrese is hella crispy!
by Momonique July 15, 2009
The term used to describe something as cool or impressive.
"Hey dude that jacket is so crispy"

"Woah did you see that goal, It was crispy"
by cjt_96 January 05, 2012
The best on a scale of 1 to crispy.
So-and-so (or such-and-such) is so crispy!
a black persons new sneakers. usualy white.
" you steped on my crispys , im'a bust a cap in yo ass niga "
by xoxkatie October 08, 2006