The next level below a fool.
"Fuck off you cretin! You're just a waste of space!"
by CS January 10, 2004
person inflicted with a thyroid deficiency resulting in stunting of mental and physical growth. In other words, a mentally-challenged dwarf. Derives from the Swiss French term for a Christian. You do the math.
Billy Graham est un cretin celebre.
by climber9 March 11, 2010
A word to use the people in the world who are monstrously retarded, unintelligent, vile, pathetic, greasy, crusty, dumb, sometimes fat, unfortunately untalented, and all around awful in every possible way that is imaginable to the point that not even Jesus can save them. Cretins, by definition, suffer from "cretinism" and can be described as "cretinous." Specific cretins are actually recognized by the medical community as cretins with an official MD Grant of Cretinism - which is rare.
Normal Person #1: Look at that monstrously retarded, unintelligent, vile, pathetic, greasy, crusty, dumb, fat, unfortunately untalented, and all around awful person.

Normal Person #2: Yeah, it must be cretin.

*cretin turns towards the normal people*

by mlad August 15, 2009
a retarded dwarf
Stephen is a cretin because he called Sara an idiot.
by hendog December 02, 2014
Shootings, Dead beat parents, Shallowness, Doomsayers,religious and/or political freaks, "Chicken littles" (the sky is falling!), "Disaster Victims" ( Life can really suck, find the strength to endure!), The prejudice ( be who you want to be), Over opinionated hypocrites ( like me ). Are examples of cretins
by A secret to everybody. October 12, 2008
A word derived from the French slang term 'crétin' (/kʀetɛ̃/) roughly translated as 'idiot' although in reality is often used in a more offensive way. It may also mean 'geek' in the context of the French language but is not used in this way in English.
The government are a load of cretins!
Ouais, je suis d'accord!
by cavacavacavacava July 02, 2011
A person who lives in the town of Crete, IL.

If they decide to move somewhere outside of Crete, they become an Ex-Cretin.
Are you from Chicago? No, i'm a Cretin.
by awsnap April 01, 2009

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