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murder, actions that are not playing fair
Police suspected foul play in disappearance of Mitchell's girlfriend.
by cheatingdeath October 26, 2007
a mysterious homicide
I think the death of that boxer was an act of foul play.
by Gerard Irick August 10, 2009
An antonym of fair play. Foul play is called when someone's actions or words are deemed unacceptable or incorrect.
"You put ragu sauce on your sausage and bean melt barm instead of brown sauce? Foul play to you."
by MCFC Rob November 23, 2008
It's when you give fellatio to a chicken...
david: "cough, cough, cough*" (while making his dinner)
vanessa: "you alright there dave..?"
david: "yeah, just giving fellatio to a chicken"
vanessa: "oh, umm.. are you telling me your pecking at his pecker?
david: "yep, i'm deep throating the cock's cock!"
vanessa: "guess you would call that...foul play"
by NessaceryAction August 31, 2009