A creature refers to some being that is trying, unsuccessfully, to pose as a human. A person with a weird personality, strange social mannerisms, and awkward physical movements is usually called a dork, but in order to qualify as a "creature," one must be off-the-charts. Too weird to function in normal society.
"Hey look... is that kid eating a book?? Should we stop him?"
"No, leave him alone. That dude is a creature."
by Matt A. Brown July 10, 2006
Slang for crabs.
Creatures are creeping...
by nine February 18, 2004
Used to describe a woman that is extremely ugly, beyond hideous, the utmost of fankledness (see fankled), almost to the point of looking like some kind of unidentified humanoid creature.
Damn!!!!!!! Look out for that creature, bro.
by John Cocktoastin November 27, 2002
thing, object, occasionally alive, as in furry woodland creature
have you ever gotten REALLY lonely and gone out into the wilderness at night with a candle and a bottle of barbecue sauce to find furry woodland creatures?
by pancho boy squared April 25, 2003
One who likes to take it as deep as possible. One whos best friend is a paper bag. Every day is "wear your hat to school day."
If you are ever lonely, creature will fulfill your deepest desires....
by DanHaliski February 16, 2008
an extremely ugly woman, usually wears a sun dress with nothing under it and hangs out on upstairs balconys so if ya look up your eyes burn out of yer head. Also one that Phillip loves
Man headband must have been on crack to marry the Creature!!
by PeteDellaBowduphung January 13, 2004
1. A non-deragatory term, usually used in an affectionate way, to refer to a housecat.
2. A call that with proper use can be used to lure a housecat home.
3. A title preceded by the word 'The' to refer to a housecat.
1. "The Creature is lounging on the car."
2. "My Creature has brought me a bird present."

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