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Slyfoxhound is a a Puertorican Gamer//Vlogger . He Giggle alot .he is an awesome youtube commentator. he named

his fans homies. Are The Greatest Subscriber
base in the world, and thanks to them
They have made his dreams happen
one day at a time! the homies would do anything for slyfoxhound because they love him so much and he loves them back. the homies are about 175000 people supporting every thing he does because he is so awesome. if you dont know him check him out.
slyfoxhound loves the homies
by slyfoxhoundshomie July 07, 2011
A Puertorican youtube commentator that is widely known for his minecraft gameplay commentaries. A commentator who interacts with his fan base and will do anything for them unlike some other commentators. he Uses the term "Homies" referring to brothers and/or mates. His fan base are the "Homie Knights" and would fight for slyfoxhound to the death. He has been called the the greatest commentator of the youtube community due to his unique style of commentating.
We are slyfoxhound's homie knights and we back each other up till the death.
Hey, join the homies.
P.1: whos your favourite youtuber?
P.2: i would say slyfoxhound and pbat
P.1: yeah me2 and the world would agree aswell
by EliteEvo69 July 07, 2011
SlyFoxHound is a Youtube commentator. He is mostly known for all his Minecraft videos. He also does many gameplays from such games as Terraria, Infamous 2, CoD: Black ops, CoD: Mw2, etc. Unlike many other Youtubers, he has named his subscribers, they are called Homies. Many like SlyFox just because of devotion to his fans.
Wazzup homies? My name is Slyfoxhound!


Puppycop <3


(Giggle giggle)
by Homie Knight from Norway July 06, 2011
A Puerto Rican you-tube commentator better know for his Mine-craft commentaries. He got a big fan base that he refer and they identified too them self as "Homies". He is part of a big you-tube group of commentators call "The Creatures". His fan-base or "Homies" are one very active and supportive with each other treating them self like a family. In certain case he has been called " One of the best and funnier commentators on you-tube".
SlyFoxHound today upload a homie power level friday video!
by Manodg July 06, 2011
Slyfoxhound Edwin/Eddie is an amazing Puertorican video game commentator who takes his subscribers to heart and really cares about people and likes to talk with his "Homies" Homies is a term that Slyfoxhound named his subscribers. He's funny and an overall really happy person and loves to make people happy. He's not afraid to be himself around other people and that's just one of his great qualities. He also has a Dachshund named Puppycop which he loves very much. The Homies are not slaves, worshipers, minions, cultists, or anything, we are a family.
Homies Unite!!
Slyfoxhound is the best <3
by CraftyGamer July 06, 2011
Eddie a.k.a SlyFoxHound is known for his Giggling.:D hes an awesome Commentator and and awesome dude.He has Homies.Which are his suscribers.He Loves and Respects homie soo much he likes to do vids for us :D he is The awesomeest Homie king ever! Homies UnIte!! -MrKJ5555
by MrKJ5555 July 16, 2011

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