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A person of asian heritage with the reflexes and twisting power of an oranguatan.
Dam you fought that kid like a Yanny Z.
by Mil Waukee February 01, 2009
A person who resembles and carries the characteristics of a sloth. They never want to do anything fun and drudge around all day. Tend to be very quiet and sulky. Comparable to a Negative Nancy.
Dam stop being such a mope do something for once.

Mope: Uh i dont feel like doing anything today... I'm tired... I have to study on a friday night.
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
People who resemble an assortment of bugs or creatures. They tend to have oddly shaped eyes or squirly facial features.
Man, those kids looks like creatures.
WTF a preymantis? dont tell me i look like no creature.
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
The euphoric sensation of discovering that there is an unknown jelly like substance inside of a fruit gummy. Considered an unexpected surprise.
Jelllllllly! i didn't see that coming.

OMG that fruit gummy was Jellly!
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
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