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4 definitions by Mil Waukee

A person who resembles and carries the characteristics of a sloth. They never want to do anything fun and drudge around all day. Tend to be very quiet and sulky. Comparable to a Negative Nancy.
Dam stop being such a mope do something for once.

Mope: Uh i dont feel like doing anything today... I'm tired... I have to study on a friday night.
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
88 71
A person of asian heritage with the reflexes and twisting power of an oranguatan.
Dam you fought that kid like a Yanny Z.
by Mil Waukee February 01, 2009
23 7
People who resemble an assortment of bugs or creatures. They tend to have oddly shaped eyes or squirly facial features.
Man, those kids looks like creatures.
WTF a preymantis? dont tell me i look like no creature.
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
18 5
The euphoric sensation of discovering that there is an unknown jelly like substance inside of a fruit gummy. Considered an unexpected surprise.
Jelllllllly! i didn't see that coming.

OMG that fruit gummy was Jellly!
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
2 1