A general term describing any of the small, inherently friendly inhabitants of the Creature Forest. Exclusively herbivores, the vast majority are covered in fur of varying color, and traditionally possess paws with 3 digits. Known to have only one natural enemy, the Turkie.
"Oh look; a Creature!"
by Bryan November 18, 2004
a girl who is disgustingly ugly who thinks she is hot shit but in reality looks like a creature. They usually travel in packs and avoid mirrors so they don't have to see how ugly they really are. Also to make themselves look prettier they add tons of makeup to cover up their hideous face.
Look at that girl she is such a creature.
by aypapiayay May 22, 2011
A really hideous person
An extreme form of hideousness can describe one as 'Munn creature'
God, Zac is such a creature!

What the hell is that!? ... a Munn creature.
by MoleHnter August 01, 2010
any person whose gender is not instantly noticeable due to extreme obesity, ugliness, or both. Creatures tend to hide in their home (cave) or in restaurants until the night when they can walk around in peace. Seeing one during the day is a rarity and it is usualy fun to count how many you can find in one day.
Example 1: Rosanne Barr

Example 2: (Reenactment)

Guy1: "Dude! Look how ugly that guy is!"

Guy2: "Uhhh... I think thats a chick..."

Guy1: "No way! He has a full beard dude."

Guy2: "No... That CREATURE has a full beard..."

Guy1: "Thats disgusting..."
by Creature Hunter June 16, 2009
A term of endearment for teenaged scene kids/drug addicts; generally found inhabiting gazebos and parking lots 24/7, smoking Newports and inducing fear in respectable humans
That guy is such a scene kid but I love him. He's such a wonderful creature!
by anony_mouse25 November 12, 2011
A creature refers to some being that is trying, unsuccessfully, to pose as a human. A person with a weird personality, strange social mannerisms, and awkward physical movements is usually called a dork, but in order to qualify as a "creature," one must be off-the-charts. Too weird to function in normal society.
"Hey look... is that kid eating a book?? Should we stop him?"
"No, leave him alone. That dude is a creature."
by Matt A. Brown July 10, 2006
A mentally or physically disabled human being that disrupts everyday life of normal people in various ways.
is there a creature in the gym today? i dont want it throwing off my workout.
by Dan "The Natural" Harris May 30, 2011

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