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A group of two or more guys masturbating, especially in an enclosed area.
John's room was a creamery as they watched Playboy.
by NB_Nathan November 19, 2007
A new internet phenomenon that is similar to getting Rick Rolld. The difference is that getting Carlton Crushed has a video of Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doing his dance.

There are various links to this, including www.images.bigbig.com, www.tech-news.tk, and much more.
"Hey man! Some guy just told me to go to this one website, but then a video of some dancing black guy started playing!"

"Haha! You just got Carlton Crushed!"
by NB_Nathan April 07, 2008
To use the search engine Wikipedia to find the answer to something, similar to Googling something.
"Hey, what's the name of that guy from Accepted?"
"I dunno! Wiki it!"
by NB_Nathan March 17, 2008
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