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Lunch made for a middle-aged man by his elderly mother
Come pick up your 2 scoops of tuna!
by Borderline Brandon December 21, 2014
To describe someone as a faggot,

as in wrestling you are alllowed to scoop someone from behind.
The "2 scooper" enjoys this act and intentionally does it as his special move to diddle your jingleberrys.

also derived from being fruity as in 2 scoops of raisin bran

He actually isnt gay, but is just so gay that he is gayer than gays.
dude 1: you whats up with brian?
dude 2: dont mind him he is just busy scooping lil boys and his employers.

"yo why is 2 scoops, cleaning the store after he clocked out"

"Idk, man, he been scooping his whole life, i dont think he can change."

Why didnt brain get the job as a police officer?

oh, prob because of his 2 scooping nature, and he paid a hoe for his first time.

dang, that shit is deep like how far brians fingers gets inbetween his competitors buttcrack.
by Sistah Pewbs November 14, 2015
A fat chick that resembles two scoops of Ice cream.
Sally looks like 2 scoops of vanilla
by Mac and Bernie April 12, 2005
1. Tiny breast.
2. The poor excuse for A cups made by pale asian women.
My two scoops are better than your. Damn right, it's better than yours. I can fuck you, but I have to charge.

I can fit 2 scoops in my mouth. Damn, that's not a lot.
by Big Poppa Pimp May 24, 2004
when u see a fine ass bitz and u know u wanna hi that u gosta ask her fo some scoops of that fine ass
Yo bitz let me get 2 scoops of that fine ass
by Patty D February 24, 2003
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