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Commonly misinterpreted as a method of removing air from dough when in fact it is a revolutionary better way of spooning. Occurs between two people in a seated position. One folds themselves round the other forming a beautiful matrimony of body and soul.
Man: How do I knead?
Ghandi: You will know when you have reached it. Kneading is enlightenment.

Male 1: Yeah we went to fifth base last night
Male 2: You kneaded?
Male 1: Yeah man
*High fives all round*
by Peppermint T October 30, 2014
When during missionary intercourse the man starts kneading the womans stomach like dough.
Her tits weren't worth a damn so I started kneading her stomach like I was making a loaf of fuckin' bread.
by Zeeebra November 21, 2010
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