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slang term for crayfish
Bailey occasionally found little crawdads in his backyard creek. "Not bad for a crawdad!"
#crayfish #lobster #shrimp #crustacean #shellfish
by Christopher Wade October 19, 2005
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Juciy, tasty looking sea creature. Good in bed and loves anal after bowling!
"Damn, look at that crawdad".
"I wish i was that good like crawdad".
"I wanna pretend to be friends with that crawdad".
#anal #friends #pretend #wish #with.
by rawrlikeatiger August 02, 2010
1.A fat kid that enjoys bowling and gay sex.
2. A funny thing to scream to piss a fat kid off
3. tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled briefly

Crawdad is a homo.
by AndrewandJames August 30, 2004
a loser
a herb
someone who bowls twenty fo' seven
a fat kid
smelly kid who poops himself in lab
a man with titties that juggle eat time he takes a step
a boy who chews in mrs. czulaks nipples for fun, then sucks her cock.
yo check out crawdad.
crawdad is such dweeb
crawdad cant get no pu tang if his ghetto ass life depended on it
by honey drew August 31, 2004
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