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Verb meaning to go to sleep.


hit the sack
Tired Guy: Fuck I'm tired, I'm gonna crash out.
by Dr4T7 February 16, 2006
77 27
Chemist/biologist slang for "precipitate" (as in "to precipitate from solution"). Can be used as a verb or a noun. Like most technical slang, it is used more often in the field than the formal term.

Occasionally mixed up with the different but related term "salt out".
n. That flask should be kept on heat until all the reactants are in to avoid premature crash out.

v. If you don't drop in more DMSO when you make the diluted solution, your compound's going to crash out.

v. "Salting out" a protein is increasing salt concentration in a solution until the desired protein crashes out.
by IWA December 04, 2007
39 14
Going broke, going jail, dead or anything like that .
They wanna {see} me crashout.
by ladyjayy4243 January 08, 2012
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following an ePCR, sometimes the emulsions will break earlier than expected, like after the first isopropanol wash
did your beads crash out?
by SaraLV June 28, 2007
6 10