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the moist hole between the legs, or anus, that "traps" feces, or "crap"
The potential energy generated by the craptrap turns kinetic when ass meets toilet.
by charlie gone bad October 06, 2008
An extremely hairy ass, that collects traces of poo throughout the day.
1. I really need to trim my ass crack tonight...I have got a serious first class crap trap.
by Cadillac Man August 12, 2009
A toilet without toilet paper. A terrible situation to be in and a hilarious prank to play.
"Don't use that toilet, it's a crap trap."
by Collin Locke September 08, 2009
The most important fitting in what used to be known as the "smallest room in the house".
"Is Fred there?"
"No, he's been on the craptrap for the last couple of hours".
by Egotrippa September 15, 2005