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6 definitions by orangehatter

<v.> To have a desire, mild or strong, for someone or something. Not neccesarily sexual or violent.
I'm fiendin' for some Tims, man.
by Orangehatter January 22, 2005
205 66
pirate talk for non-seafaring people
popular in movies
"Aargh, ye land lubbers no nerthin' 'bout the ways of de sea!"
by orangehatter November 12, 2004
18 7
(V.) a form of "get it"
1. To retrieve something

2. To understand
1. Crazy B:Man, I left my kicks atcho place

Long J:Then lez bounce and gizit.

2. Long J: So you have to carry the 2 to the 8th power and (blah blah)

Crazy B:Bro, I just don't gizit.
by orangehatter March 03, 2005
29 19
a simple exclamatory statement
when "crap" just won't suffice
What in craptastication is that mutt doing in my toilet!?!
by orangehatter March 27, 2005
2 2
<n.> Portuguese for sleep

Said as though it were something to capture
I'm beat. Ima catch some sono.
by orangehatter March 03, 2005
10 14
<v.> Get A Girl's Attention, unlike macking, it's is with a longterm relationship in mind
Boy 1: Man, you can't gaga worth a crap

Boy 2: Can't help it, bro. I'm shy.
by Orangehatter January 22, 2005
19 26