An adjective used to describe something that tries to be awesome but is actually really lame.
Wow, that was really craptastic...Never do that again.
by Ur Mother June 16, 2006
the very opposite of fantastic; something with no redeeming value whatsoever
Getting castrated with a rusty spork is very craptastic.
by Shawn E. April 17, 2003
A word used to describe something that happened, that should not have happened...or as I say

Also used when something happens that the chances of that happening are so small, it would require the planets aligning and hell freezing over, end of the world type thing.
Awww....that's craptastic! The U.S. lost the war against Indonesia!!
by Popovishka December 16, 2005
It's for when something is so awesome that its crappy. Or it can be used to make the best out of a bad situation.
I just got my test back, its craptastic!!! All F's yay!!
by SOmE rAnDoM pErSoN January 25, 2005
Downright and complete trash commonly known as country music.
Country music is craptastic.
by Wallsbury September 03, 2006
all kinds of stupid jacob-ness
"that shit is all kinds of craptastic!"
by drew January 12, 2003
your day has been full of crap
"This day was so damn Craptastic, I might just go ahead and shoot my boss for firing me!"
by Jkid November 10, 2004

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