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A software application that has little or no real value.
If you want to pop simulated bubble wrap on your itouch...there's a cr-app for that.
by MoLo36 May 13, 2009
9 2
An "app" that is downloaded from the appstore for the iPod Touch or iPhone that is total crap.
Jill: Hey check out this new app I got. It changes colors!!!
John: You kidding me that's not an app its a crapp!
by Pookyhaha June 28, 2009
30 4
Bloated, useless, and/or generally bad social network applications/add-ons.
I can't stand looking at her Facebook page because she has so many crapps.
by hisean July 05, 2008
12 2
Derived from 'crapplication'; an 'app' that turns out to be crap.
I downloaded that crapp to my phone, what a waste of space!
by ballistic8 March 28, 2010
11 2
an app for an ipod that totally sucks
Dude! Im downloading the ipedometer "is amazing because it has a heart rate monitor!"

Yo thats got crapp written all over it
by yourappsucksandimnotbuyingit June 12, 2010
7 1
A really horrible iPhone application.
Hey man. Have you seen that CrApp "HandyRandy" by Stevens Creek Software.
by TechnicallyReality July 11, 2008
4 2
The crappy applications on your smart phone that aren't worth a crap and just waste space.
Beth couldn't download the Google+ app because there were too many crapps on her phone using up the memory.
by Iheartwombos September 21, 2011
1 0