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Derived from 'crapplication'; an 'app' that turns out to be crap.
I downloaded that crapp to my phone, what a waste of space!
by ballistic8 March 28, 2010
The place where emails and electronic communications go when they are lost
Eric didn't receive the email I sent him, it must be in eblivion.
by ballistic8 June 08, 2010
The state of mind one is in when their bluetooth headset malfunctions.
My bluetooth cut out in the middle of my apology. Now I have the bluestooth.
by ballistic8 December 09, 2010
a computer application that turns out to be crap
Hey! Thanks for the recommendation for that crapplication! It crashed my machine.
by ballistic8 March 28, 2010
Booze that is cheap enough to buy in large enough quantities in order to maximize your binge.
It's a long weekend and I haven't gotten paid - looks like I'll be buying econo-buzz.
by ballistic8 September 28, 2010
an individual who rides their motorcycle with complete and total disregard for the safety of themselves or others.

an individual who rides purely to satisfy their own ego, refusing to shift gears because revving their engine sounds so cool.
The guy who won't shift out of first and pops wheelies in my neighbourhood on the same street where kids play and ride their bikes is a total motorpsycho.
by ballistic8 September 05, 2011
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