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A small piece of software that is preinstalled on a new PC. It typically cluters up your desktop and is unwelcome. It is similar to buying a new car and havinga bumper sticker plastered on the back
I bought a new dell and had to delete 45 craplets.
#ad #pc #craptastic #adware #bloatware #windows
by Rolling Thunder April 12, 2007
Applications that a computer manufacturer adds to their system on top of Microsoft's Operating System. Not only annoying, redundant and generally useless, they also contribute to Windows' fragile instability.

First seen on Slashdot on 1/12/07
I just powered up my brand new Dell laptop, and after 10 minutes of loading all of their little craplets, the battery caught on fire, and then Windows crashed.
#computer #laptop #dell #oem #linux #windows #microsoft #craplet #crapplet #crapplets
by caspian hiro January 11, 2007
Similar to pooplet; an insult
Person 1: Get over here you little craplet!
#pooplet #crap #shart #poop #fart
by neon_dreamz April 11, 2015
little flakes or pieces of shit left floating around in the bowl after the toilet is flushed.
I flushed the toilet three times, but I still can't get rid of the craplets.
#shitflakes #turdlets #shit bits #unflushables #undigestables
by maverickdallas October 18, 2009
A small tidbit of info that relates to the topic people are talking about but is something that people don't give a big yellow rat crap about.
Erin "As I was saying, the reason that cd is so good is..."
Sam "My first CD was the Backstreet Boys"
Me "Thanks for that craplet Sam" (Sarcasticly)
#crap #poo #crapplication #crapperner #getto
by Jackpo August 30, 2007
a small turd left alone in a bowl
I left a craplet floating in the work bathroom
by diana gibson July 21, 2004
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