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1. Raver's bastardization of "cripple"
2. Feeling physically wrecked, usually after a night of rampant drug abuse
3. A person or thing that is exceptionally stupid
"Dude, I heard that taking E will make your brane bleed and leave you crapital" or "Wow, this is really crapital."
by Occupant December 03, 2004
The derivative name of Capital University Law School, located in Columbus, OH.
"Where did you go to law school?"
"I went to Crapital."
"Well, good luck...NEXT."
by ScrantonWordMeister February 15, 2010
The what should be capital of a country (just because of it's nightlife, cheap food, wiggas, boy racers, nana racers, students and transsexual taxi services, all of which are essential for a well-run capital), but it's just too damn crappy.
Palmerston North should be the crapital of NZ, Dalby should be the crapital of Aussie etc. etc.
by musikbox May 14, 2008
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