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quick-and-dirty uber-profits for the filthy stinking rich - and total crap for all the rest of us.
Here in the USA crapitalism has caused the world's largest gap between the super-rich lifestyles of the those at the top, and the steadily degenerating living conditions of the vast majority, while landfills continue to overfill with the broken, poorly-made junk that constitutes the "affordable" products for the masses.
by VirgoGrrrlie January 20, 2011
Any bigtime female politico who's always putting herself in the spotlight, alwaysl spending mucho bucks on makeovers & designer outfits, who spends most of her time doing the mean-girl thing toward any and all critics, and making sure to stay in the news with her agenda blasting away no matter who gets hurt and how.
Divagogues include Sarah Palin a.k.a. Mean Girl a.k.a. Killer Barbie, and Michelle Bachmann, and all their "b" wannabees on the USA Radical Right.
by VirgoGrrrlie January 28, 2011
Cold-weather ear band for the fierce and funny here in Minnesota and nearby northern "Heartland" States. Expression utilized when the wind chill dips into below-Siberian-winter levels.
Commonly shouted about in this manner: "It's cold as hell outside!! Don't forget to put on your ear brassiere!" (Which was a typical quote from this writer's salty and sassy Scorpio mother, whose pseudonym would rightly be: LadyDayFan.)
by VirgoGrrrlie February 06, 2011
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