Commerical rap. Anything you hear on the radio stations now a days.
Synonymous with crap.
-Hey, did you hear the new 50 cent?
-What did he get more South-African slave ice?
-Naw, I don't listen to c-rap.
by Backpacker12 May 13, 2005
Abbreviation: C.R.A.P
Can't Really Aim Properly
Boy, I am CRAP
by DD September 27, 2003
Cocaine. Blow. White.
Yo buddy!!! Got any crap?
by The Hauna Nani November 15, 2006
A cool name for rap, implying that it's crap....which it is.
Oh man, why you playing that c'rap? Play some REAL music!
by dudeperson June 15, 2006
Citizens Raging Against Phones - an organization with the goal of ending telephone use around the country
This is a tribute to GTA III
by parc January 31, 2005
pile of poo
my friend jake looks like a pile of crap or aleast his skin does
by Mike Colabuno December 15, 2003
substitute word for the "S" word; stuff
Bill: holy crap!

BOB: get yer crap outta my tiolet
by naikih May 24, 2006

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