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Something John Mayer does a lot.(I read it in a magazine interview)
John Mayer crapped his pants on stage.
by Brittany Morrison November 15, 2003
30 21
Citizens raging against phones, mmentioned if you listen to the talk radio station in Grand Theft Auto 3.
No example. I don't listen that closely to the radio!
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
18 9
Candian rap
the name c-rap fits the genre well, doesn't it?
by HeyJoe July 09, 2003
31 22
rap. Rap is crap.
you can't spell crap without rap
by fred November 11, 2003
78 70
abbreviation for

Christmas Reaps Anal Pleasures

nearly there!
You know Crap?
by juggernaut sex monster October 05, 2003
30 22
Crap: a word with too many definitions to define. Possible meanings : feces, random object one is too lazy to name, something considered terrible, etc. It has a tendencie to be used in somewhat unfortunate similies/metaphors. Ex: That tastes like crap.
That was crappy music!
Dude! Flush your crap after you go!
Aww crap.
I cleared out all the crap in my closet.
Get your crap out of my room before I beat the crap out of you!!!!
by The Generic Psycho September 03, 2009
9 2
a mix of country a rap !!!!!!!!!!!!
man i want to hear some crap
by eric bain November 18, 2004
11 5