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To chill or stand at a spot (like a club or a street corner etc). To claim a spot. The term came from drug dealers on street corners, like light posts and street posts, and there you have it POST UP!
Yo lets post up right there where all the honeys with the big booties are.
by dada-ecko February 10, 2005
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Basketball term where a big man like Shaq goes down low (near the basket, establishes a good position, pins his man with his body and asks for the ball.
Yao Ming is hard stop from scoring when he does his psot up moves near the goal
by Eric B June 08, 2004
To go hang or chill in no specific location.
Yo, let's go post up.
by Angela May 06, 2004
A phrase commonly used by hipsters to indicate that they want to lean against (or 'post up') against a wall, preferably brick, to smoke a cigarette or drink a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hipsters are led to believe that this is the cool thing to do. If there's no cigarette in hand, some hipsters replace the void with a can of PBR, the well known hipster beer. If they have nothing in hand, they fail at properly being a hipster. Generally, if caught in this scene, the hipsters would lift one leg up and rest the sole of their shoe against the side of the wall, completing their "cool" appearance. When suggested to 'post up,' a fellow hipster knows exactly what he/she is talking about and will usually agree to. It's the hipster thing to do.
Victor: Hey man, let's post up.
RJ: Alright man, let me grab my cigarettes.
Allen: Guys, I quit smoking.
Victor: Don't worry about it man, you can still post up with this can of PBR.
by buhfly March 08, 2010
To incite a fight, or to call someone out.
used when people are mad and desire confrontation.
Girl:(Greg) Dude you look like Justin Beiber!
Greg:awh, thanks,(:
Jim: Greg, what a fag,
Greg:Post Up then bitch!
by FlabergastABitch September 15, 2010
To post up is to lean against a wall, table, refrigerator, countertop, and in some extreme cases holding on to the ceiling, or any other convenient surface so that you do not fall down after consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Not only does this allow for a misconception of exactly how drunk you are, but it also makes a viable applicant for the next game of beer pong.
Dude 1: "There ya go Verser, post up. Don't let em' know how drunk you are."
Dude 2: "Is Verser posted up on the ceiling? Jesus H. Christ he has got swag!"
Dude 3: "I got Verser next beer pong game!"
by Mr.Party April 13, 2010
To stand up and get into line, like posts in a fence.
When the prison guard tells everyone to "post up" he means for the prisoners get into line to be counted.
by susiepostedup December 25, 2010

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