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the burgers that sponge bob makes at the crusty crab.
hey, sponge bob! where's my crabby patty?
by blaine July 15, 2003
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Someone who comes to work EVERY day in a bad mood.
Sarah is such a crabby Patty
by Her Boss May 07, 2004
A hamburger from In- N - Out. Secret-Secret Menu, with 2 buns covered in Thousand Island dressing, then grilled to create a magnificent burger. Limited time only.
"Can I get a crabby patty, I love that burger."
by John Dickens May 29, 2008
AKA - Urinal Cake
"CRABBY PATTY" - The unusual foreign object you find in Mens Urinals
by SloppyShocker July 12, 2011
1.) Type of sexual intercourse where the male has crabs. The females vagina acts as the two hamburger buns on a \"Krabby Patty\".

2.) Type of anal sex where the male has crabs. The females ass is acting like extra large hamburger buns.
\"Wow, that was a juicy crabby patty.\"
by zachkurek101 May 26, 2011
When an individual, who has a crab tattooed on their ass, sticks their bare ass in someone else's face
Hey look! What's his face passed out on the couch!! I'm gonna give him a crabby patty.
by Ragin Kagin July 26, 2010
someone u don't like or have the time for
that girl is such a crabby patty
by Caress gilbert March 18, 2003

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