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the burgers that sponge bob makes at the crusty crab.
hey, sponge bob! where's my crabby patty?
by blaine July 15, 2003
171 40
A hamburger from In- N - Out. Secret-Secret Menu, with 2 buns covered in Thousand Island dressing, then grilled to create a magnificent burger. Limited time only.
"Can I get a crabby patty, I love that burger."
by John Dickens May 29, 2008
24 17
Someone who comes to work EVERY day in a bad mood.
Sarah is such a crabby Patty
by Her Boss May 07, 2004
64 59
AKA - Urinal Cake
"CRABBY PATTY" - The unusual foreign object you find in Mens Urinals
by SloppyShocker July 12, 2011
10 9
1.) Type of sexual intercourse where the male has crabs. The females vagina acts as the two hamburger buns on a \"Krabby Patty\".

2.) Type of anal sex where the male has crabs. The females ass is acting like extra large hamburger buns.
\"Wow, that was a juicy crabby patty.\"
by zachkurek101 May 26, 2011
5 5
When an individual, who has a crab tattooed on their ass, sticks their bare ass in someone else's face
Hey look! What's his face passed out on the couch!! I'm gonna give him a crabby patty.
by Ragin Kagin July 26, 2010
6 10
A female with crabs or with a nasty pussy has a Crabby Patty.
Daaaaamnnn!!!! you hear bout monica? she got that Crabby Patty.
by Cut Throat Boyz November 07, 2005
42 84