Cheap Plastic Shit - The staple of the Ad Specialty business, e.g. bottle caps, pens, plate scrapers, letter openers, rulers, etc. Not always made of plastic.
What CPS do you sell that we can put our name on to give to our customers?
by ô¿ô December 06, 2009
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Cumshots Per Second
A sexual arousal measuring scale.
That girl is totally a 5 cps.
by Monsieur C March 27, 2014
Child Protective Services. The CPS investigates reports (true or otherwise) of abuse or neglect of children.
My mother in law actually had the nerve to send a false report in and the CPS came and almost had my kids taken away. That f*cking woman just won't quit!
by AProg December 08, 2010
Cock Punching State-trooper. A terribly corrupt officer.
"He's a CPS.... I know from personal experience..... twice".
by jimmychangnuts September 16, 2006
Child Porn Sam
A strange scientific miracle...... No one actually knows who he is. He is a government secret.

Some say that he was initially an experiment that went wrong when the combining of the spaghetti and the cheesecake caused him to go rogue. He is still wreaking havoc around this already disturbed planet. We must stop him. Please call 999 if you have any information on this gibbon's whereabouts.

Much love,
Child Protection services xx
"Oh blast! CPS has gnawed his way out of the cage again!!"
by FRIEDCHICKENIQUA April 24, 2015
"crusty pleasure sock" That nasty old tube sock you mop up your wank-jizza with....you know the one.
Fuck! I forgot to peel my cps off the bathroom floor.
by shyjason August 13, 2005
Comedy purposes
I hit that guy in the face, for CP's.
by Bill1223 February 07, 2009
Stands for Crispy Puckers. Used when talking about the weed ur dealer has in his possesion

Crispy meaning what crispy always means ie. not sticky and wet

Puckers deriving from the cockney slang pucker, often used by the Rotherham hating prick Jamie Oliver of School Dinners fame.

When Combined it
Mada's got sum CP's in, lets go get blazed!

Im not buying unless its CP's
by The Scraggy Man Can July 22, 2009

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