A another word for comfy clothes, lounge wear or pajamas.
David came home from work, got into his cozies and opened a bottle of wine.
by Quade April 28, 2008
When you use your significant others pubes as mittens to keep your hands warm.
The boy was alone on top of a snowy mountain and wished that he had his cozies his girlfriend made for him.
by sexwitlex January 05, 2015
originating in las vegas, cozy is an adjective describing something that is super cool, fun exciting, the bees knees.
dude, that club last night was hella cozy!
by bmunny July 24, 2010
Adj. Adv.A certain feeling obtained by a situation or object.
We're cooking dinner tonight? That's cozy!

(Seeing an old man sitting on a bench eating ice cream.) COZY!

Did you see Amy's new phone? COZY!
by Lori B. September 18, 2006

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