1. to shoot down, reject (present progressive)

2. to blow (present progressive)
cameron: kate cox!!

marcos: aww man what a bitch

billy: kate cox!!

will: bitch please, get on your knees!

by bunnywinkwink July 10, 2008
A high school in Virginia Beach.
actually supposedly one of the best in the country.

Cox High
Yeah I've gotta go to Cox.
by elleHxC March 08, 2009
When someone gives head alot, usually lasts around 56-58 minutes.
1.) Katee cox alot.
2.) Katee cocked on new years, 5 times !
by Charlesnigga May 17, 2008
Cox is an Expression used to Explane a Point of Dissapointment and or Disgrace.
Morgan:Hey Chris Your an ass.
Chris: COX!
by Ayss Mayn March 26, 2010
the best damn cable company out there. Never experiences down time like comcast or verizon and is very reliable all around. Good prices and better service!
Jeff: My damn internet is out again.. damn you comcast!
Bob: Hahaha Cox cable has never given me any problems, loser.
by carsdizzle July 10, 2008
One who ditches buddies for a piece of ass that's not worthy of sitting on a toilet seat.
Stop being a cox and come to the bar.
by Mussogreeney April 04, 2006
Generally referring to a teenage drug dealer who will offer to 'help' his customer use the drugs they just purchased from him, but is also overly paranoid when using the drug, usually using a catch phrase such as "Dude! Keep that shit down, someones gonna see it if you hold up past the door handle" or "Did you hear that, I think my Mom's up".

A 'Cox' is also usually a horrible thief/lyer, and will try to lie his way out of almost every situation, even if it means placing blame on his friends. Often they are known to lie about their virginity, claiming to have had intercourse with only 1 extremely hot girl who is usually ficticious but that's it, the reason for them only lying about having sex with one girl is that they want to seem humble about it, and will detail the experience into an almost magical night of romance, which in the history of man, the only way a sexual story could be that romantic would be in a movie, or in the story of a 'Cox'.

A 'Cox' is usually noted to drive something mildly retarded such as a PONTIAC or oldsmobile and show it off by adding a $200 sound system and/or spinners(or anything else that gives them a false sense of having a cool car). Most 'Cox' are noted to be somewhat homosexual, inferring so since they only utilize their $200 sound system to it's somewhat full extent when they pull up to a red light next to a hot guy or children aging under 7 years.

All in all the 'Cox' can be best described in short as a: Poser, Loser, Show-boat, Fake, Druggy/dealer, Theif, Lyer, Homosexual, Pedophile, and an all around parasite to Society.

*It should also be noted that most 'Cox' live in the upper Mid-West region with their Mother's, who they will repeatedly steal from, then profess how much they love them in front of their family and friends, since without their mother's, not only would they not be alive, but they would be living on the streets where they belong*
*Dude, I beat this Cox ass last night, but for some reason he called my cell-phone and asked if we were still cool...then offered me a hand-job which I declined vehemently.*

*Larry- You know what that Cox reminds me of?

Janice- What?

Larry- That stray dog you kick in the face when it begs for food, but for whatever reason it will be back the next day begging for food and forgiveness. They're annoying as piss out my ass.

Janice- Ya I know what you mean, that Cox I bought the weed from half an hour ago wants to know if I want to smoke it with him.*

*Did that Cox just pull up next to us at this red light and blast his music trying to be cool(but not really) and check out my Dad and 4 year old brother*
by Toby Etan July 10, 2008

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