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a slang term in the north east of england for ecstacy tablets.This came from the name of a biscuit factory where they were sold under the counter
"av just got four cowies for a tenner"
"cowied off me nut"
"look at his cowie jaw!"
by cowiemuncherdorey July 10, 2008
A cheater
Megan is cowy when it comes to words with friends.
by Xela Yam June 25, 2011
North East slang for underpants
Just putting my cowies on..
by k13ppy March 29, 2010
Breasts. From "milkers" mammary glands producing milk. Milk --> Cow. Simple
"She may be ugly but check out the cowies on that specimen"
by David Jeffery November 18, 2004

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