When you wake up next to a girl you don't want to be next to anymore, straddle her face with your bare ass. Then take two pillows and put one on each side of your legs. The last step is to fart on her face to wake her up and the pillows lock in the smell. The act looks like one of those wagons people would ride out west back in the old days.
I woke up to this nasty bitch, so I gave her a covered wagon to get her skank ass out of my bed
by Matt July 18, 2003
Trying to smuggle anything into/out of somewhere where it should not be or should not go. It is done by positioning a friend in such a way that the view of authority figures is obstructed. Basically, your friend(s) screen anyone who might stop you and ask you what you are doing.
Scenario: Getting a BB Gun across the crazy neighbors lawn to get to your buddies house to shoot squirrels out of his window.

Friend: "Dude she's in the window watching us, she definitely sees us with this bb gun"
You: "Nah, yo covered wagon style, she won't see shit."
Friend: "Yep, ah, werd up."

by Pound One Out Real Quick October 03, 2008
when youre giving someone a huge wedgie you pull their underwear over their head so they can't move. If you cant pull it all the way to the person's head you could just do it over their toes. It's funny to watch people try to get out of this. Especially annoying little brothers.
I was givin my little brother a huge wedgie and i was tired so i decided to give him a covered wagon and watch him squirm
by steeeeeeve perry January 20, 2005
an uncircumsized penis
yo man thats nasty chris has a covered wagon, no chick will ever do him now!
by Black Attack May 01, 2003
The act of shitting into a condom and fucking a girl with it until it explodes.
" That bitch wanted me to give her a covered wagon last night out behind the dumpster. "
by Noltron Don April 16, 2009
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